Tracking our new music since 1995

Here is a roundup of selected premieres of Malaysian works at home and abroad. Since the mid-90s Malaysian works have been performed largely abroad, but from the 2000s onwards has increasingly been heard at home as well.

Local works are becoming a part of the country's busy concert schedule, as well as abroad, such as the regular Asian Composers League festivals around the region.

You can peruse scores and recordings of many of these works at MCC's digital library

July 22, 2022, Kuala Lumpur

Adeline Wong
Jalinan (2021)
for string quartet

Johan Othman
Ada Angin Bertiup (2021)

for string quartet 

Performed by the MPO at Dewan Philharmonik

This was part of an MCC collaboration with MPO along with the composers societies of Korea and Singapore for a Three Nation Chamber Concert that also featured three Singaporean and three Korean composers' works.

July 7, 2022, Kuala Lumpur|
Ainolnaim Azizol

MiMaR VI: Titi

Trombone and electronic playback

Jessica Cho
Solo trombone

C H Loh
Night in Hamar (Rasa Sayang) (1994)
Trombone and piano

Johan Othman
“whose shadow would fall on” (2011)
Trombone and piano

ZhiYong Tan
Trombone and piano

Tazul Tajuddin
Mediasi Masa II

Solo piano

Adeline Wong
Solo piano 

The pieces were performed by Melody Quah, with guest trombonist Lance Low at a concert at UCSI Universtiy. 


June 25, 2022, Kuala Lumpur
Ainolnaim Azizol

Chan Wei Tuck

Jessica Cho

Rayner Naili
Secluded Voice

Nicole Ong
Piano Variations No. 1

Johan Othman
Four Bagatelles

Tai Yun Ming
Turning into Stars

Zhiyong Tan
Sad Fact

Fairuz Zamani
Two Miniatures

The pieces were performed as part of Free Hand Festival 2022 at UCSI Universtiy Institute of Music, by pianists from UCSI's staff, students and alumni.


December 4 2021, Kuala Lumpur
Adeline Wong

Jessica Cho
The Dead Crow

The art songs were performed as part of Aswara's 2nd International Classical Piano and Voice Competition 2021.  


November 3 2021, Kuala Lumpur
Various composers
performed by members of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Jessica Cho - Edge of Lunacy
Tai Yun Ming - Frizzy Crystals
Rayner Naili - Nunuk Ragang
Caeleb Tee - Hymn of the Remnants
Raja Alif - Tanjak Mahkota
Samuel Cho - Threadsafe
Ilysia Tan - Addiction to Perfection
Ainolnaim Azizol - Fragments I for two trumpets
Vivian Chua - Dance of the Wind 

MCC and the MPO collaborated on a chamber concert of nine Malaysian composers premiered on MPO TV throughout November. There were works written for string ensemble, cello and piano, a various combinations including trumpet duo, trio of flute, percussionand double bass, and more.

November 6, 2020, Seoul, Korea
Jessica Cho
Edge of Lunacy
for flute, cello and piano

Rayner Naili
for 2 violins, viola and piano

Performed by Ensemble WIRO, Korea

MCC's international collaboration with ACL Korea resulted in this two-nation concert in Seoul that included Adeline Wong's Herringbone. Wave From Seoul also featured three Korean works.


June 1 2020, Kuala Lumpur
Samuel Cho 
for piano

Lee Chie Tsang 
To light, and then return 
for piano

The two winners of Free Hand 2019 had their respective test piece commissions performed by the UCSI University International Piano Festival & Competition 2020 participants and broadcast on Youtube due to the pandemic.

Watch winners Jessie Meng from Singapore and Tsai Yi-Chen from Taiwan play Cho and Lee's works respectively.


February 28 2020, Singapore
Adeline Wong
Empunya Yang beroleh Sita Dewi 
for string orchestra

Wong reworked the music from her original orchestral work into a 10-minute long condensation for string orchestra, and this new version was premiered by the  Eastman Camerata at Singapore's Esplanade Recital Studio.

August 14 2019, Kuala Lumpur

for piano
performed by Mei Yi Foo

C H Loh - Morning at Klang Harbour
Choke Yuan Teng - The Woodcutter's Song
Chow Jun Yan - In the Absence of Silence
Chow Jun Yi - Deep in the City
Raja Mohamad Alif - Dol Said
Samuel Cho  - Vatni

BBC Music Magazine's Best Newcomer award in 2013, London-based Malaysian pianist Mei Yi Foo performed the 9 Malaysian contemporary classical piano works at the Free Hand Festival 2019 organised by the Malaysian Composers Collective and UCSI University's Institute of Music, Kuala Lumpur.

Excerpts from the concert were later broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in a six month period.


October 2018, Matera, Italy
Ainolnaim Azizol
for flute and eletronics

Ainolnaim's work JuliJuli has been announced as one of two winning works selected for the 2nd MA/IN ~ Spaziomusica Commission in Italy.

It was selected from among 291 works from 44 different countries received by the festival organisers.

October 2018, Taiwan
Rayner Naili
Serpihan Mimpi (Fragments of Dream)
for flute and violin

28-year-old Rayner Naili, born in Sabah, will be presenting his chamber work piece Serpihan Mimpi for flute and violin (Fragments of Dream) at the Asian Composers League festival's Young Composers Competition, and sees the opportunity as a "breakthrough" for Sabahan composers.

Aug 2018, Singapore
Adeline Wong

for piano

Adeline Wong's new work Herringbone for piano was premiered in Singapore on August 28 at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory. The work is part of visiting London-based Malaysian pianist Foo Mei-Yi's concert at the conservatoire. 

2018, Kuala Lumpur
Johan Othman

The Killing of Meghnad

Johan is in the process of completing his second opera based on the libretto by William Radice. The basis of the work is an episode from the much loved Ramayana of the same name. It explores how the line between good and evil intentions can often blur.

Dec 2016, Kuala Lumpur
Adeline Wong

for low brass quintet

Wong's work scored for alto trombone, tenor trombone, bass trombone and 2 bass tubas is written as part of her new approach to transform ideas explored in previous works into new compositions. Nexus takes off from where her string quartet Interweaves leaves off.

November 2016, Kuala Lumpur
Ainolnaim Azizol

Seven Sisters
for guitar and electronics with eight speakers
Nathan Fischer (Guitar)

Nocturne I – Ulek
for soprano, sampled gender-slenthem, electronics with eight speakers.
Khairunnisa Diyana (Soprano)

Ainolnaim Azizol provides the electronics for his two works premiered on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 at Pentas 2, KLPac as part of the UiTM composers series concerts. The work  includes speakers and movements.

Oct 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam
Adeline Wong

for string quartet

Wong's new string quartet work is based on material from her epic hour-long Lengt/Longing for quartet, solo cello, electronics and multimedia, which was composed in collaboration with Norwegian artists and inspired by Norwegian art.

The work's material draws from Malaysian musical traditions such as the azan call to prayer, as well as other elements typical of Wong's diverse influences.

The quartet receives its world premiere at the ACL Festival in Hanoi in October.

Sep 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland
Ainolnaim Azizol

Nadi Bumi

for amplified solo alto recorder

Kuantan-based composer Ainolnaim Azizol, who won 2nd prize at the ACL Festival in Japan in 2014, has won 3rd prize at the New Recorder Music 2016 in Lausanne for his piece Nadi Bumi for amplified solo alto recorder, a work which explores various timbres of the ancient instrument in a modern composition.

Dec 2015, Kuala Lumpur
Ng Chong Lim

for piano

Chong's work originally for the 15 minute break project is based on the composer's feelings when he was high in the Himalayas shortly after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Chong was participating in aid efforts at the time, as part of his extensive charity work. Lasting 3 to 5 minutes, a shorter version of the piece was recorded for the film project.

Dec 2015, Kuala Lumpur
Jessica Cho


Sayyid Shafiee 
Constant Flame

Ainolnaim Azizol 
Titik titik

Johan Othman
Composition for Piano Nr 3

The four pieces are part of the 15 minutes of fame project for a 1 minute piano work to accompany a short film, based on the environmental theme Fire+Water.

11 Nov 2015, Manila
Ainolnaim Azizol

Meta VI
for tape and dancer

This electroacoustic work with accompanying dance movement was performed at the closing ceremony of the ACL Festival 2015 in the Philippines.

7 Nov 2015, Manila
Johan Othman

the dancing mouse

for SATB chorus

This six movement work for chorus is an expansion of Johan's song cycle based on the texts of William Radice was performed at the ACL Festival 2015 in the Philippines. The movements are: 1 - 3. Once I saw it only 4. The flaws on the floor 5. The air rushing in 6. The vase of sweet peas

7 Nov 2015, Manila
CH Loh

A Queen, A Mother

for soprano and piano

This pair of two songs is based on poems on the subject of women by Singapore literary prize winner Paul Tan. The songs are Queen Sunandakumariratana and Observing Mother, both published in his anthology in the late 1990s. The work was premiered at the ACL Festival 2015 in the Philippines. 

7 Nov 2015, Manila
Sayyid Shafiee

Jinsei Kouro

for C trumpet, bass clarinet and percussion

This work was Malaysia's entry for the Young Composers Competition at the ACL Festival 2015 in the Philippines, performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). The 10 minute work is based on the Japanese dance 'butoh'.
29 Nov 2014, Yogjakarta
Ainolnaim Azizol

Nocturne I
for soprano, gender and slenthem

2 Nov 2014, Yokohama
Ainolnaim Azizol

Fragments I
for trumpet duo

The work was performed at the ACL Festival 2014 in Japan as the entry for the Young Composers Competition, for which the composer won 2nd prize.

Ng Chong Lim

for piano, cello and oboe

This work is a commission from an European trio who is planning to premiere the work at an upcoming concert.

23 - 24 Sep 2013, Singapore
Ainolnaim Azizol

Tirai III
for percussion trio

CH Loh
Nusantara Dances
for harp and symphonic band

Ainolnaim Azizol represented Malaysia in the Young Composers Competition at the Singapore ACL Festival held at the National University of Singapore. At the festival Jessica Cho's Hypnagogic II was also performed, while the Philharmonic Winds premiered of Loh's
revised version of his work for harp solo and large symphonic band 'Nusantara Dances' featuring a Singaporean harpist.

16 June 2013, Melbourne 
Valerie Ross
for piano, flute and tabla

Ross' work originally with oboe was performed at the University of Melbourne's cross cultural concert featuring music of Gareth Farr and Ravi Shankar.

2013, Birmingham  
Tazul TajuddinSebuah Pantun VI
for oboe and piano

Performed at the Frontier+Plus Festivasl, Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK.

2013, Kuala Lumpur
Tazul TajuddinSebuah Pantun V
for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, cello and piano

Performed by the Bridget Collective Ensemble of Sydney.

Ng Chong Lim's Shadows for piano and gamelan24 Nov 2012, Kuala Lumpur
Ng Chong Lim

for piano, gamelan, Malay percussion
for piano

Shadows, a collaborative work with shadow puppet will be premiered at the KL Convention Centre as part of the Chopin Competition 2012 while his Dragonfly is the compulsory test piece for competitors in the concerto section.

5 May 2013, Cologne, Germany
Ainolnaim Azizol

for string quartet and electronics

Ainolnaim was a finalist for the 4th International Composition Competition at the Eight Bridges - Music for Cologne festival. His work was performed by Asasello-Quartett and won the joint prize with the other three finalists.

2012, USA
Johan Othman

the doctrine of final causes
for solo oboe
Written for Amari Barash. Performed in the USA 2012

23 May 2012, Kyoto 
Jessica Cho
Hypnagogic II
for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, percussion
Performed at the Requiem 'dialogue with sky' charity concert at Kyoto City University of the Arts.

18 Feb 2012, Kuala Lumpur
Adeline Wong

for cello, string quartet, and electronics

This multimedia work received its Malaysian premiere with the T'ang Quartet in a slightly reworked version of the original work Lengt (2010)

Nov 2011, KL
Johan Othman

Whose shadow would fall on
for clarinet and piano
The work was premiered at the ACL Taiwan festival in Taipei in place of the originally programmed The Dancing Mouse for choir.

16 Sep 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tazul Tajuddin

Sebuah Tenunan IV
for violin, cello and piano
Performed at the 3rd Pharos Foundation Festival by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

9 July 2011, KL
Jessica Cho

Music for Merong Maha Wangsa
for orchestra
At a MPO programme featuring new music composed for the film. The premiere of her work Hypnagogic was scheduled on the same day but postponed.

29 Mar 2011, Alburquerque, New Mexico
Ng Chong Lim

Footprints (2011)
for piano
The completed work, first previewed at the YCW08 will be premiered along with Chong's Morning Mist for piano and cello at the John Donald Robb Composer's Symposium 2011.

Ng completes his solo piano work of three movements that was first previewed in 2008 at the HSBC Young Composers Workhop 08.

10 Mar 2011, KL
Johan Othman

Music and sound for
'A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui'
for the Five Arts production at Annexe Gallery KL (10 - 13 Mar) and Studio at Straits, Penang (18 - 20 Mar). Additional music by Ngiao Tzu En

11 Nov 2010, Sheffield, UK
Jessica Cho

Landscape, 5 Little Pieces for Piano

for piano
At a recital of contemporary works from Messiaen to Kurtag by the composer and by Jonathan Gooing.Listen now

15 Apr 2010, Brauweiler, Germany
Ng Chong Lim


for string orchestra
At the international New Music Festival "Streams" by Stream Festival Orchestra, conducted by Christoph Maria Wagner Listen now

6 Dec 09, Melbourne
C H Loh
Winter Night On The River
for 2 saxophones, shakuhachi and percussion
at the Melbourne Composers’ League ‘Four Seasons’ Spring Concert performed by Lachlan Davidson and Tony Hicks (saxophones), Andrew MacGregor (shakuhachi) and Eugene Ughetti (percussion)

The Melbourne Composers’ League is holding the next of their regular ‘Four Seasons’ concerts on 6 December 09. The coming instalment, titled "Spring", will feature Australian and Malaysian works.
C H Loh's Winter Night On The River for 2 saxophones, shakuhachi and percussion is one of the works that form the Malaysian part of the programme, alongside Australian composers Katy Abbott, Ros Bandt, Simon Charles, Lachlan Davidson, Stuart Greenbaum, Andrián Pertout and Antonio Tenace.
The concert features an interesting combination of performers - Lachlan Davidson and Tony Hicks (saxophones), Andrew MacGregor (shakuhachi) and Eugene Ughetti (percussion).

29 Nov, KL
Johan Othman

Neutral Spaces
for piano
at the KL Contemporary Music Festival, performed by Ensemble Mosaik
28 Nov, KL
Teh Tze Siew

The East
for ensemble
at the KL Contemporary Music Festival, performed by HKNME

27 Nov, KL
Ahmad Muriz

Desir Angin Cina Selatan
for 2 traditional players and flute
Tan Zi Hua
Under the Homotopic Silhouettes

for flute (picc), clarinet, piano, violin and cello
CH Loh
Illegal Structures III

for flute (bass fl), bass clarinet, percussion, violin, viola, cello and tape
Ng Chong Lim
Morning Mist

for cello and piano
Ngiao Tzu-En
A Precipitation of Sparrows
for flute solo
Hardesh Singh
Jasper Singh Pestonji

for bass clarinet, cello and tape
at the KL Contemporary Music Festival, performed by Ensemble Mosaik
The KL Contemporary Music Festival 09 premiered numerous Malaysian and regional compositions in the largest contemporary music event in the region for 2010.
Nov 2009, Penang
Johan Othman

Conference Of The Birds
Opera with libretto by William Radice
Premiere workshop performance by Five Arts and co-produced by James Lochhead

At long last, Johan Othman's opera in progress sees fruition at the end of Nov 09 with a workshop performance to be held in Penang. The hour-long opera is based on a 12th century Persian poem Mantiq-ut-Tayr by Farid ud-Din Attar about the kingdom of birds in search for their lost monarch Simorgh. Malaysian audiences got a brief glimpse of Othman's allegorical opera when a short aria from the work, Dying In Order To Live, was premiered at the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 08. Watch

21 May 09, Reykjavik
Teh Tze Siew
Bamboo Forest

for chamber ensemble
international premiere by the Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra at the Women From The East concert

Teh Tze Siew's Bamboo Forest, which was performed during the MPO Forum II in 2007, will receive its international premiere in a chamber version in Reykjavik, Iceland. The work will be programmed by the Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra as part of the Women From The East concert on 21 May 09 along with works of Sofia Gubaidulina, Franghiz Alizadeh and Lera Auerbach.

20 Apr 09, Edinburgh

Neo Nai Wen
From the Rainforest
for alto flute, trumpet and cello
at Noisy Nigts@Traverse, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland performed by the Red Note Ensemble
Neo's submission to the Noisy Nights call for scores was selected for performance at the upcoming event at the Traverse Theatre, where the work will receive its world premiere.
Noisy Nights are the Traverse's new music nights - performed by the newly-formed professional Red Note Ensemble. The first Noisy Night was in the Bar of the Traverse Theatre on Monday 23rd Feb 2009 for works of 5 minutes each, instrumentation Vn / Cl (BCl) / Trb / Vibes. Noisy Nights are supported by Seven Things, the Traverse Theatre, SAC and the PRS Foundation.

7 Jan 09, Bangkok

CH Loh
for Saxophone Quartet
at Mahidol University, Thailand, performed by Low Chee Meng and the Mahidol Saxophone Quartet
Malaysian saxophonise and lecturer at Mahidol University Low Chee Meng commissioned this work for performance by his quartet, formed by the senior lecturers of the University's saxophone section. The work is inspired by memories of the Thai mouth organ Khaen, whose sound is often heard in the folk music of the Northeast region of Thailand.

Premieres in 2008
24-25 Nov 08, Albani
Tan Zi Hua
Gate of Tears (Bab-al-Mandeb)
for string quartet
at the Ton de Leeuw 2008 International Competition for Young Composers at Tirania, Albania.
Winner of the inaugural HSBC Young Composers Workshop Tan Zi Hua finds his string quartet, written in a burst of inspiration after his success, amongst the 12 finalists for the Ton de Leeuw 2008 International Competition for Young Composers held in Albania.
Lee Chie-Tsang
Illusory Mirror
for chamber ensemble
at the Ton de Leeuw 2008 International Competition for Young Composers at Tirania, Albania.

13 Jul 08, KL   
Young Composers Workshop 08 Premieres:
Workshop Finalists
Chow Jun Yan

Chow Jun Yi
Trio Dance II

Neo Nai Wen
Qi Qiu (Pray)

Ng Shyh Poh

Tan Zi Hua
Images of Wind II

Honourable Mention:
Chin Hong Da

Longing For Home**

Chee Su Yen, Joyce Ho, Lee Yin Hwa (piano), Yong How Keen (oboe), Vincent Kok (flute)
**Chin Hui Zhian (piano), Asyraff b Azmy (flute)

Six pieces by young composers under the age of 28 were premiered at the inaugural HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008 coorganised by the Malaysian Composers Collective and held at KLPac during the HSBC Classics Piano Festival 2008.

Guest composers

Ng Chong Lim

Johan Othman
Dying In Order To Live
the dancing mouse

The workshop concert also featured works by guest composers, including the premiere of Ng Chong Lim's new piano piece ...Footprints, performed by the composer, the premiere of and of Dying In Order To Live, an excerpt from an opera in progress by Johan Othman, performed by soprano Chin Yen Lin and pianist Chee Su Yen. Chin also gave the Malaysian premiere of his vocal piece the dancing mouse accompanied by harpist Tan Keng Hong. A Malaysian premiere of Chong's piano work Splattered Landscape was given by the winner of the HSBC Classics Piano Festival Competition 2008.

The HSBC Classics Piano Festival Competition 2008 also featured compulsory test pieces by Malaysian composers during the competition's semi finals rounds:
  • Ng Chong Lim: A Distant Voice of the Rain Forest (fragments from 'Rimba')*
  • Lee Chie-Tsung: Autumn Steps
  • Adeline Wong: Alternating Current*
16 Jun 08, Hamburg
13 Jul 08, Kuala Lumpur
Johan Othman
the dancing mouse
for soprano and harp
William Radice book lauch
HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008

Penang-based Johan Othman is moving into vocal territory with his piece for voice and harp, based on a poem written by William Radice. A recording of Othman's work will be premiered during the launch of Radice's new book in Hamburg, Germany. A version for counter-tenor and harp will also be performed during the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008 concert at KLPac on 13 July 2008.

5 Jun 08, KL
Ng Shyh Poh
Science Fiction &
A Land Far Away
for chorus
6th Young Singers Choral Festival at KLPac

Ng premieres a new experimental piece Science Fiction at the festival held at KLpac. The vocal piece is written out on a graphic score, which should produce interesting results! The same festival also features Ng's A Land Far Away, which won the first prize at the 1st Asian Choir Games Jakarta 2007.

Premieres in 2007 and earlier
14 Nov 07 
Tazul Tajuddin's Piano Concerto "Warna Yang Bernada " (Sound Colour) premiered in London on 14 Nov 07 at the Cadogan Hall with the London Sinfonietta as part of Malaysia's 50th Anniversary celebration. The work was performed by Malaysian pianist Bobby Chen, and also featured as the premiere of Benjamin Britten's ribute to Malaysia in the Fifties titled
Sketch for Malaya (1956) arranged by Tajuddin. The work consists of 3 continuous movements titled Gentar Gemerancang, Lagu Dalam Mimpi and Meditasi Nada Tiga. ‘The piece is based on a gamelan piece and is also related to my impressions of Malaysian independence,’ writes Tajuddin from London.

31 Aug 07
Adeline Wong's work for orchestra and wayang kulit ensemble with live shadow puppet Empunya Yang Beroleh Sita Dewi premiered on 31 Aug 07 at Dewan Filharmonik as part of Malaysia's 50th Anniversary celebrations. The work presents a western orchestra in collaboration with a traditional ensemble led by Eddin Khoo's Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Seri Baju Merah.
July 2007 Premiere recording of Johan Othman's Composition For Piano No. 8 (2004) were made in preparation for the CD anthology Faith, Hope & Chaos produced by Hardesh Singh and CH Loh in collaboration Off The Edge magazine.

June 2007
Adeline Wong's Alternating Current and Ng Chong Lim's A Distant Voice of the Rain Forest were performed at the HSBC Piano Festival competition as part of the test pieces.

Other international premieres in 2007 include Tazul Tajuddin's In Liquid Praise of Sound Refraining for a narrator, 4 singers, (London, UK) and CH Loh's Toccata From 3 KL Miniatures by the Aroha Quartet (New Zealand).

COMPLETE LIST: Malaysian Premieres

2011 onwards

Shadows for piano and gamelan trio (Ng Chong Lim)
Dragonfly(s) for piano (Ng Chong Lim)
Longing, for string guartet, cello and multimedia (Adeline Wong)
Music for Ang Tau Mui (Johan Othman)
Music for Merong Maha Wangsa (Jessica Cho)


Jasper Singh Pestonji, for bass clarinet, cello and tape (Hardesh Singh)
Under the Homotopic Silhouettes, for quintet (Tan Zi Hua)
Desir Angin Cina Selatan for gamelan, flute and percussion (Ahmad Muriz Che Rose)
Wild Cursive, for zhong ruan, violin, viola and cello (Yii Kah Hoe)
Illegal Structures III, for bass flute (flt), bass clarinet, strings, percussion and tape (CH Loh)
Morning Mist, for cello and piano (Ng Chong Lim)
A Precipitation of Sparrows, for flute solo (Ngiao Tzu En)
Yuan-Fei (Chong Kee Yong)
The East, for dizi, oboe, clarinet/bass clt and cello (Teh Tze Siew)
Polygon for clarinet, bass clarinet, voice and laptop (Ng Chor Guan)
Neutral Space, for piano solo (Johan Othman)
When Stillness Meets Motion (Chow Jun Yan)
A Night Without Voices (Chow Jun Yi)
Autumn's Heart.Maple.Fragrance (Lee Chie Tsang)
The Forgotten Sound (Neo Nai Wen)
Conference Of The Birds, opera for electroacoustics and voice (Johan Othman)
Kuang Cao 狂草 for gaohu, erhu, zhonghu and zhongruan (Yii Kah Hoe)
Drunken Madness for trombone & piano (Yii Kah Hoe)
From the Rainforest, for alto flute, trumpet and cello (Neo Nai Wen)
Tone for Chinese orchestra (Wong Chee Wei)
The Legend of Pelagus Rapids for timpanist and chamber ensemble (Wong Chee Wei)
Extend good wishes for mixed chorus and piano (Wong Chee Wei)


Childhood - flute and piano (Chow Jun Yan)
Trio Dance II - flute, oboe and piano (Chow Jun Yi)
Qi Qiu (Pray) - flute, oboe and piano (Neo Nai Wen)
Scene - flute, oboe and piano (Ng Shyh Poh)
Images of Wind II - flute and piano (Tan Zi Hua)
Longing For Home - flute and piano (Chin Hong Da)
...footprints - piano (Ng Chong Lim)
Dying In Order To Live - soprano and piano (Johan Othman)
the dancing mouse - soprano and harp (Johan Othman)
Gongan - oboe and piano (Yii Kah Hoe)
Science Fiction - chorus (Ng Shyh Poh)
A Land Far Away - chorus (Ng Shyh Poh)
How The Crocodile Got His Teeth - narrator and wind ensemble (Yii Kah Hoe)


Empunya yang beroleh Sita Dewi - orchestra and wayang kulit ensemble (Adeline Wong)
Ocean's Pulse - orchestra, solo dizi and percussion ensemble (Chong Kee Yong)
Opening Of The Stage - orchestra (Yii Kah Hoe)
Xiang - orchestra (Ng Chong Lim)
Temple of Heaven - orchestra (Teh Tze Siew)
Angin - orchestra (Mohd Yazid Zakaria)
Inner Voices - chamber ensemble (Yii Kah Hoe)
Windows - chamber ensemble (Ng Chong Lim)
Maze - chamber ensemble (Teh Tze Siew)
Heritage - chamber ensemble (Mohd Yazid Zakaria)
Topeng III - orchestra (Johan Othman)


Tearless Moon - orchestra (Chong Kee Yong)
Buka Panggung - Chinese orchestra (Yii Kah Hoe - Singapore)
Chermin - film score (Adeline Wong)
'A' Note Promenade - chamber ensemble (Yii Kah Hoe)
Bamboo Forest - chamber ensemble (Teh Tze Siew)
Rimba (Ng Chong Lim)
M! The Opera - mixed ensemble and vocals, theatre production (Saidah Rastam)


Snapshots - cello solo and orchestra (Adeline Wong)
The Starry Night's Ripples (revised) - orchestra (Chong Kee Yong)
Paces - piano and electronics (Adeline Wong)
Daun - piano (Ng Chong Lim)
Spirits - mixed ensemble, Chinese opera vocals, theatre production (Saidah Rastam - Singapore)


The Starry Night's Ripples - orchestra (Chong Kee Yong)
Steel Sky - orchestra (Adeline Wong)
Topeng I - orchestra (Johan Othman)
Benih Harapan - orchestra (Ahmad Muriz)
5 Letters From An Eastern Empire - cello, boy soprano and electronics, theatre score (Adeline Wong)
Sketches For Two Pianos - piano duo (Ng Chong Lim)


Prism - mixed ensemble, theatre production (Saidah Rastam)
Tenunan III - orchestra (Tazul Tajuddin)
Bertabuh Kala Senja - chamber orchestra (Ahmad Muriz)
Water Moods And Reflections - chamber orchestra (Vivian Chua)
I Hear The Wind Calling - chamber orchestra (Chong Kee Yong)
Ittar - chamber orchestra (Johan Othman)
An Evening In The Myth - chamber orchestra (Tay Poh Gek)
Synclastic Illuminations - chamber orchestra (Adeline Wong)


Echoed Dream - orchestra (Chong Kee Yong)
Wayang - chamber ensemble and gamelan (Sunetra Fernando)


Khatulistiwa for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists (Ng Chong Lim)
Sonata for Cello Solo (Ng Chong Lim)


Two Preludes - piano (Ng Chong Lim)

International premieres

2010 onwards

Cycles for flute, piano and tabla, Melbourne (Valerie Ross)
Tirai III for percussion, Singapore (Ainolnaim Azizol)
Badang!!!! for string quartet and electronics, Cologne (Ainolnaim Azizol)
Nusantara Dances for harp and symphonic band, Singapore (CH Loh)
Hypnagogic II for chamber group, Japan (Jessica Cho)
Amorphous for string orchestra - Brauweiler, Germany (Ng Chong Lim)
Sebuah Tenunan IV for violin, cello and piano - Cyprus (Tazul Tajuddin)
Footprints... (for piano, complete) - Alburquerque, USA (Ng Chong Lim)
Landscape for piano - Sheffield, UK (Jessica Cho)
5 Little Pieces for Piano - Sheffield, UK (Jessica Cho)
Length for string quartet, cello and multimedia - Norland, Norway (Adeline Wong)


Winter Night On The River for 2 saxophones, shakuhachi and percussion - Melbourne (C H Loh)
Bamboo Forest for chamber ensemble - Reykjavik (Teh Tze Siew)
From the Rainforest for alto flute, trumpet and cello - Edinburgh (Neo Nai Wen)
Maekhong for Saxophone Quartet - Bangkok (C H Loh)


Gate of Tears (Bab-al-Mandeb) for string quartet - Tirania, Albania (Tan Zi Hua)
Illusory Mirror for chamber ensemble - Tirania, Albania (Lee Chie-Tsang)
the dancing mouse - soprano and harp, Hamburg, Germany (Johan Othman)


A Land Far Away - chorus, Jakarta, Indonesia (Ng Shyh Poh)
Piano Concerto "Warna Yang Bernada" (Sound Colour) - London Sinfonietta, UK (Tazul Tajuddin)
In Liquid Praise of Sound Refraining for a narrator, 4 singers, London, UK (Tazul Tajuddin)
Toccata From 3 KL Miniatures - Aroha Quartet, New Zealand (CH Loh)


Waktu - chamber ensemble, Bang on a Can Summer Festival, New York (Adeline Wong)
Gamelbati VI for piccolo, clarinet, violin, viola and cello - Seoul, Korea (Tazul Tajuddin)
Selindung Warna (Hidden Colours) for solo violin - London, UK (Tazul Tajuddin)


Tenunan II for orchestra - Tokyo, Japan (Tazul Tajuddin)


Kist for orchestra  -  Connecticut, USA (Johan Othman)


Papilio Albus for soprano and chamber orchestra - Ohio, USA (Johan Othman)
Avtopotret (Self-Portrait) for large orchestra - Pittsburgh, USA (Tazul Tajuddin)


Peristalsis for chamber orchestra - Cleveland, USA (Johan Othman) 
Etudes for chamber orchestra - USA (Tazul Tajuddin)


Tathagata - London, UK (Valerie Ross)