MCC composers 'Wave from Seoul' in joint virtual concert in Nov 2020

Malaysian music continues undaunted through the current Covid-19 lockdown, as Malaysian Composers Collective's (MCC) international collaboration with ACL Korea kicks off in Seoul through a unique virtual concert this Friday, November 6 at 6.30pm KL time.

"Wave from Seoul" is an exchange concert celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Korea-Malaysia diplomatic relations, and features Korea's Ensemble WIRO performing chamber works by composers of both countries at the Seoul Arts Centre's Recital Hall.

This exciting event, which can be enjoyed live from your armchair anywhere in the world, features works by Rayner Naili, Jessica Cho and Adeline Wong along with three Korean composers.

Rayner Naili presents a new version of his work 'Humanity', for 2 violins, viola and piano. His work strives for multiculturality and examines a variegated world of beliefs, skin colour, language and so on through an interpretation of shapes and colours and how different shades can fit together in harmony. "In this work, I came up with my own integration, for example, black colour integrates with a round shape, or blue colour with a square. The whole work technically derives from that concept," says Naili in his programme notes.

Jessica Cho premieres a brand new work for flute, piano and cello that traces the dark journey of one who is descending into madness. 'Edge Of Lunacy' is a highly personal document of the varying states of the mind translated into musical ideas and how the three instruments interact in the piece.

"The emotions can rise to screaming, crying or other desperate sounds, but also sink into moments of calm.

"However, these extreme contrasts, like a person at the edge of madness, are erratic, and you can never predict what will happen next," says Cho of her new opus.

The Malaysian portion of the concert is capped by Adeline Wong's 'Herringbone' for solo piano, a showstopper with its unrelenting energy and breathless virtuosity, a treat to watch for sure come Friday evening.

Watch a replay of the concert


Adeline Wong - Herringbone for solo piano (2018)

Jongwoo Kim - Ulnori for violin and piano

Jessica Cho - Edge Of Lunacy for flute, piano and cello (2020)

Jaekyung Lim - Circus for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano (2019)

Rayner Naili - Humanity for 2 violin, viola and piano (revised 2020)

Guisook Lee - Images of Sae-ya sae-ya for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

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