Call for scores - Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra chamber concert in 2021

As we approach the close of 2020, we are happy to announce that MPO will be collaborating with MCC in their chamber concert series next year.

The first concert is targetted for March 17th for a full Malaysian composers programme by MCC members.

The instrumentation is for any mixed ensemble up to 10 players.
Minimum is 2 players. Here is a list of performers available:
3 flutes (can double piccolo and alto flute), 2 oboes (1 oboist can double English horn), 3 clarinets (1 clarinetist can double bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 1 contrabassoon
5 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone and 1 Tuba
Strings (any combination is possible as long as it does not exceed 10 players)
3 Percussionists, 1 Timpanist
1 Harp
1 Piano (playing inside the piano is possible)
Simple and straightforward electronics playback is possible.

Deadline for submission is 8 February, 2021.

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