Johan Othman's new theatre work Malam Takdir to open in Penang

Penang-based composer Johan Othman, who is planning his second opera after Conference of the Birds, has produced a theatre work in preparation in the Malay language.

Malam Takdir is a one-act play inspired by the Mahabharata, and is based on a new liberetto for the upcoming opera, taking off a work Johan originally conceived several years back, at the time called The Killing of Meghnad.

According to an interview in The Star, the work imagines a conversation between King Dhritarashtra who was born blind, and his advisor Sanjaya, who is gifted with foresight. This conversation takes place just before the epic Kurukshetra War where the 100 Kaurava brothers are killed by their cousins, the five Pandava brothers.

Malam Takdir runs at Sinkeh, a new arts venue in Penang, from Nov 7-10 and is directed by Chee Sek Thim, a long-time collaborator.