Polish nights and Malaysian sounds

Malaysian composers' works has hit the international airwaves this August when Polish radio station Polskie Radio or Radio Poland (www.polskieradio.pl) featured a ninety minute long sampling of recent compositions on its nightly programme  "Letnia Noc" (Summer Night).

Letnia Noc is a cycle of night live programmes dedicated in turns to various genres: contemporary classical music, folk and world music, avantgarde/experimental popular music and others throughout the week.

Polish radio broadcastIt was the result of a request from one the show's producers Krzysztof Dziuba, who had contacted MCC for a sampling of works that would display the wide and colourful variety of Malaysian works for him to choose from.

Dziuba said he wanted to introduced new music from our country to his audience, and dedicated the entire 90 minute long episode to Malaysia, allowing European listeners to sample the music of Ahmad Muriz, Jessica Cho, Hardesh Singh, Johan Othman, C H Loh, Ng Chong Lim, Adeline Wong in recordings taken from the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival 2009 (KLCMF 09), HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008 and other sources.

The programme aired on 11th August 2014. The introductory webpage, which is still online at present, also included MCC's video documentary on the making of Ng Chong Lim's groundbreaking Shadows for piano and gamelan trio.

The documentary gives insights into how Ng and the trio comprising Susan Sarah John, Kamrul Hussin and Shafic Hussin brought two vastly differing musical traditions together to create a brand new piece of contemporary classical music.

Programme order:

Ng Chong Lim - Shadows
CH Loh - Illegal Structures III
Ahmad Muriz - Whose Earth Is This
Ahmad Muriz - Desir Angin Laut China Selatan
Jessica Cho - Hypnagogic II
Adeline Wong - Synclastic Illuminations
Hardesh Singh - Jasper Singh Pestonji
Ng Chong Lim - Morning Mist
Introduction to Johan Othman's work

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