HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008 - 11 - 13 July 2008

The search for Malaysia's aspiring Takemitsu, Isang Yun or Tan Dun.

The country's first ever young composers workshop was held in conjunction with the week-long HSBC Classics Festival 2008 and sponsored by HSBC (M) Ltd.

Organised by the Malaysian Composers Collective, the pioneering workshop brought together Malaysian composers, musicians, and a new generation of aspiring young composers.

The finals concert also premiered two new works by senior composers Ng Chong Lim and Johan Othman.

Concert Programme
All world premieres except **

Ng Chong Lim ...footprints
Ng Chong Lim, piano

Neo Nai Wen Qi Qiu (Pray)*
Joyce Ho (piano), Yong How Keen (oboe), Vincent Kok (flute)

Chow Jun Yi Trio Dance II*
Chee Su Yen (piano), Yong How Keen (oboe), Vincent Kok (flute)

Chow Jun Yan Childhood*
Lee Yin Hwa (piano), Vincent Kok (flute)

Chong Kee Yong Splattered Landscape**
Wong Shuen Da (piano)

Tan Zi Hua Images of Wind II*
Chee Su Yen (piano), Yong How Keen (oboe), Vincent Kok (flute)

Ng Shyh Poh Scene*
Lee Yin Hwa (piano), Yong How Keen (oboe), Vincent Kok (flute)

Chin Hong Da Longing For Home
Chin Hui Zhian (piano), Asyraff b Azmy (flute)

Johan Othman Dying In Order To Live
Chin Yen Lin (soprano), Chee Su Yen (piano)

Johan Othman the dancing mouse
Chin Yen Lin (soprano), Tan Keng Hong (harp)
*workshop finalists

Media Coverage:

Print and web media:
  • 60 Second Plug - Interview with CH Loh (Yasmin Zetti Martin, Kakiseni, Jul 08)
  • Music to the ears - preview of the Young Commposers Workshop (Jason Cheah, The Star, June 08)
  • Sweet sound of success - preview of the HSBC Piano Fastival and Young Composers Workshop (The Star, May 08)
  • Ai FM Radio Chat Show with workshop oboist Yong How Keen and finalists, 5 July 2008 2200 - 0100 hrs
  • Astro Aswani: WW Talk Show, Live chat with CH Loh, 25 June 08,
  • NTV7: Siasat Mandarin, Documentary, 30 August 08
  • RTM 1 Ikon, TV Pendidikan/Ministry of Education, August 08

April 2008

The Malaysian Composers Collective is co-organising the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 2008 for contemporary music, to be held at KLPac, Kuala Lumpur, during the final weekend of the HSBC Classics Piano Festival in July 2008.

Participants under the age of 28 were invited to compose and original work lasting 5-6 minutes for a small ensemble comprising of piano, flute and/or oboe.

We are happy to report that a number of very highquality submissions were received, and we participation from aspiring composers as young as 6! We also received participation from all over Malaysia, from Lahad Datu all the way to Penang and down to Batu Pahat, and from abroad from Beijing to Texas.

It has been a challenge by the selection panel, comprising established Malaysian composers, chaired by Chong Kee Yong and assisted by Saidah Rastam and Ahmad Muriz Che Rose, to pick just 5 pieces to workshop. After much deliberation, they have confirmed the finalists for the workshop as follows:
1. Chow Jun Yan - Childhood
2. Chow Jun Yi - Trio Dance II
3. Neo Nai Wen - Qi Qiu (Pray)
4. Ng Shyh Poh - Scene
5. Tan Zi Hua - Images of Wind II

Workshop Programme

Selection of finalists will begin at the end of this month and willbe announced at the first reading session on 23 June 2008. This session will be open to workshop participants only.

We invite interested musicians, composers, students of music theory, performance or composition, educationists and music lovers in general to come and share the experience with our young composers at the following public events to be held at KL Performings Arts Centre (KLPac).

1. Workshop 1

Date: Monday 23 June 2008
Venue: KLPac Atrium
Time: 7.30 pm
Admission: Closed session - Workshop participants only. Free Admission by invitation only
Participants of the workshop get to experience the rehearsal process and discuss the submitted works and engage in Q&A sessions.

2. Workshop 2: Open Rehearsal

Date: Friday 11 July 2008
Venue: KLPac Indicine
Time: 8.30 pm
Admission: Free, Open to public
Members of the public is invited to come and experience the process of creating new music, and to share your views with the composers and musicians.

3. Concert: A Morning of Premieres

Date: 13 July 2008
Venue: KLPac Pentas 2
Time: 11 am
Admission: Tickets at RM20, Concession (Students and Senior Citizens) RM 15
Enjoy a morning of premieres from established Malaysian composers Ng Chong Lim and Johan Othman alongside the works of the workshop finalists. Highlights include Johan Othman's the dancing mouse for voice and harp on texts by William Radice, as well as an excerpt from his opera in progress.

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