An act of faith: M'sia's first contemporary music anthology

The February 08 issue of Off The Edge magazine is a special occasion for Malaysian music, as for the first time in our history a CD anthology of Malaysian compositions will be freely available to our fellow Malaysians.

Find out more about the project, and and learn more about the individual tracks. Included is additional information that we were unable to include into the CD booket and the Off The Edge editorial feature, a sort of "making of" feature about this long and difficult journey that we'd like to share.

Tracks include:
  • Nation Building for guitar and electronics - Hardesh Singh
  • Corak V for harp and cello - Tazul Tajuddin
  • 5 Letters From An Eastern Empire for cello - Adeline Wong
  • At The Funeral Pyre for guitar - Hardesh Singh
  • M's Doomed Wedding from M! The Opera - Saidah Rastam
  • Three Sketches for Two Pianos Ng Chong Lim
  • Composition For Piano No. 8 Johan Othman
  • Synclastic Illuminations for orchestra - Adeline Wong
  • Toccata from 3 KL Miniatures for String Quartet - CH Loh
Produced by Hardesh Singh & CH Loh (February 2008)

in collaboration with: Off The Edge

Sponsored by: HSBC Bank Ltd

With the additional support of the Krishen Jit Astro Fund,
Gardner & Wife Theatre & Angela Rodrigues

artistic direction & programme selection: CH Loh
technical direction: Hardesh Singh
design: 9 Lives Communications (
sleeve & booklet photography: Pang Khee Teik
engineering on additional recordings: Hardesh Singh
mastered by CL Toh at Mastering One
booklet notes: CH Loh
CD title courtesy of Off The Edge review, June 2007

Our deepest gratitude to

All composers involved in this project for their recordings and scores, Jason Tan for his enthusiasm and support in making this happen, Pang Khee Teik for the riveting photography, 9 Lives Communications for the sleeve and booklet design and all finished art, Segi College Subang Jaya for providing the piano and hall, Yii Kah Hoe for taking time off his busy schedule to compose Inner Voices II for this project and for assisting in the recording sessions,

Loo Bang Hean & Chin Hong Da for offering to perform in the recordings,
Moo MSG for the brilliant microphones, Marion D'Cruz for permission to use her quote,
Prof Jack Body (Artistic Director, Asia Pacific Festival 2007, Wellington) for his invaluable assistance in securing the New Zealand rights and Radio NZ Concert for providing us with the Asia Pacific Festival 07 recordings.

Ribuan terimakasih, a thousand thanks to all the performers on this compilation for their efforts and permissions:

Ed Spanjaard and Nieuw Ensemble (Holland), Duo G Selmi (Italy), Chin Hong Da (Malaysia), Ryan Arsenal (Malaysia), Ahmad Muriz Che Rose and the M! The Opera ensemble (Malaysia), Ng Chong Lim (Malaysia), Chou Mei-chun (Taiwan), Filip Rathé and Het Spectra (Belgium), Loo Bang Hean (Malaysia), Li Xincao (China) and New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (New Zealand), and Aroha Quartet (New Zealand)

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