ACL Malaysia

The Asian Composers League (ACL) is a regional organisation comprising member countries from the Asia Pacific region from Japan in the East to Turkey in the West.

Malaysia formally rejoined the ACL after a lapse of two decades in 2009. This took place after MCC's presention of the advancement of Malaysian new music at ACL Wellington 2007 so impressed the regional community, that then deputy president Jack Body and the ACL committee of 2007 immediately invited us to submit our application.

Through ACL, we have brought Malaysian new music to the international stage, and presented the country's young composers to take part in the regional young composer's competition for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Jessica Cho made Malaysian history by winning 3rd prize at ACL Taiwan 2011 as the very first official delegate to the ACL as a member country.

Ainolnaim Azizol participated in ACL Singapore in 2013 and again in Tokyo in 2014, where he did the country proud by winning 2nd prize.

Young composer Sayyid Shafiee represented Malaysia in last year's ACL Philippines 2015 while Raja Mohamad Alif bin Raja Mohamad Adnan was Malaysia's young composer representative in Hanoi in 2016.

Young composers interested to participate in future ACL  young composers competition can contact us at any time with your CV and work samples, or look out for the respective call for participation.

ACL Young Composers Malaysian representatives:

2011 Taipei - Jessica Cho, 3rd Prize
2013 Singapore - Ainolnaim Azizol
2014 Tokyo - Ainolnaim Azizo, 2nd Prize
2015 Manila - Sayyid Shafiee
2016 Hanoi - Raja Mohamad Alif  
2018 Taipei - Rayner Naili
2022 Christchurch - Ilysia Tan

Malaysian composers performed at ACL Festivals:

2007 Wellington:
Adeline Wong: Synclastic Illuminations for full orchestra
CH Loh: Toccata from 3 KL Miniatures for string quartet

2009 Seoul:
Ng Chong Lim: A Distant Voice of Rainforest
Yii Kah How: Gongan

2011 Taipei:
Jessica Cho: Five little pieces for piano
Johan Othman: whose shadow would fall on, for clarinet and piano
CH Loh: Winter Night on the Water for dizi, 2 clarinets and percussion

2013 Singapore:
Ainolnaim Azizol: Tirai III for percussion trio
CH Loh: Nusantara Dances for harp and symphonic band
Jessica Cho: Hypnagogic II for chamber group

2014 Tokyo:
Ainolnaim Azizol: Fragments I for trumpet duo

2015 Manila:
Sayyid Shafiee: Jinsei Kouro
Johan Othman: the dancing mouse for SATB chorus
CH Loh: A Queen, A Mother for soprano and piano
Tee Xiao Xi: Life's Dukka (Shenghoubaku): art song
Ainolnaim Azizol: Meta VI: For electroacoustics and dancer
Chow Junyi: Serenade for orchestra
Chin Hong Da: Clock is ticking for chamber group

2016 Hanoi:
Raja Mohamad Alif: Taming Sari for oboe, trumpet and string quartet
Adeline Wong: Interweaves for String Quartet
Ahmad Muriz Che Rose: Desir Angin Cina Selatan (Sounds of the South China Sea Winds) for chamber group
Hardesh Singh: Jasper Singh Pestonji for Bass clarinet, Cello and Tape

2018 Taipei:
Vivian Chua: Mercu Kegemilangan for orch
Adeline Wong: Interweaves for String Quartet
Chee Wei Wong: A Song In Vain for voice
Ainolnaim Azizol: Clouds for electronics
Rainer Naili: Serpihan Mimpi for flute and violin

2022 Christchurch:
Adeline Wong
Tazul Tajuddin
Ilysia Tan