Composer in motion - Chan Wei Tuck on his UCSI commission

Winners of Free Hand 2022 have been commissioned to write test pieces for the upcoming UCSI University International Piano Festival & Competition 2022. Dr Chan Wei Tuck, winner of the commission for the senior category, has prepared his piece 'Motion', a piece about "scattered thoughts, where one must decide on the path to take," so says the composer.

"I modelled the opening based on a single pitch on C. The first piece begins on a single pitch on B-flat. This pitch on C is part of the F minor chord quality – the melody is built on the pentachord.

"Out from there, I branched out on the second, fourth, fifth, and seventh intervals. These three ideas are found in the initial three measures and is being expanded to the rest of the piece," says Chan.

The work initially marked Allegro starts with a mysterious introduction on the extreme registers, launching into segments of contrasting insistent semiquaver rhythm and more spacious tension.

The contrasting moods settle into an Andante Grazioso middle section where the mysterious atmosphere remains. The return of the Allegro elements takes the piece to its resolute finish.

"There are three suggestions that I hope players will discover with this piece," says Chan.

"First, ascertain how the consonance and dissonance works in tandem. Second, identify specific notes that points to the next phrases or sections.

"Third, the sustaining of specific note that brings out the harmonic effects."

The semi finals and finals of the UCSI University International Piano Festival & Competition 2022 take place from 23 to 27 November.

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