Colours and sounds of Malaysia come alive in November

The Malaysian Composers Collective's project "Jalur Kita, Cerita Kita" comes alive at a concert on 26 Nov 2022 at KLPac's Pentas 2 in Kuala Lumpur.

A collaboration between MCC with Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore and UiTM Conservatory of Music, it will feature 14 specially commissioned works based on each of the country’s 14 states respectively.

The works are based on Malaysia’s rich cultural and natural history, our vast heritage of folklore, legends, traditional arts and crafts, poetry, songs, dances and natural landscapes provides bountiful inspiration for our composers.

You will enjoy the reimagining of the performance of Awang Batil, a traditional form of storytelling from Perlis, ambient soundscape recordings of Tempurung cave in Perak, traditional art of Teochew Puppet Opera. 

There is also the tale of Laksamana Bentan, a Malay warrior, the unique architecture of the buffalo horn design in Minangkabau homes, the unique architecture of Blue Mosque Shah Alam and much more.

Funded by Cendana Arts Fund, the project also required the selected composers to research on their subject so that more can be learned about the various states of Malaysia.

1. Adam Masumi
2. Ainolnaim Azizol
3. Wan Azlan Wan Ahmad Rasdi
4. Tazul Tajuddin
5. Mohd Fairuz bin Zamani
6. Jessica Cho
7. Koay Loong Chuen
8. Ooi Wei Chern
9. Tengku Irfan
10. Tai Yun Ming
11. Tan Zhiyong
12. Lee Chie Tsang  
13. Hardesh Singh  
14. Adeline Wong

The event is part of UiTM’s 13th Malaysian Composers Concert Series of concerts at KLPac.

Show 2: Ticket price RM50 (Students RM 35)
You can purchase tickets at
Enquiries: Whatsapp 0182277212

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