MCC's 3-Nation concert at MPO in July brings together Korea, Singapore and Malaysia

Savour new music from this international concert involving Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, which is the fruits of a pioneering collaboration between the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC) and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).

Joining hands with composers from Korea and Singapore, this concert takes you on an aural journey as composers from the three contrasting cultures embark on an exchange of musical ideas that promises a kaleidoscope of colours and moods.

Enjoy Adeline Wong's Jalinan for string quartet, inspired by the azan, Johan Othman's Ada Angin Bertiup for string quartet which explores different implications of the meanings of 'angin' from physical to metaphysical, and Ainolnaim Azizol's Fragments I for 2 trumpets, a playful exploration of sound through three dimentional space.

From Korea we have Chung Seung Jae's 6 Moment musicaux for woodwind quintet, a multcharacteristic piece derived from two chords based on tonal-based triads, Kyungmee Rhee's Echoes from An Old Tree for flute and cello, which reflects on how short our lives are in comparison to nature, and Sunyeong Pak's Remnants for flute, violin, cello and piano, based on the premise that a small event derived from the main narrative creates other important narratives.

From Singapore we have Distancing Etude for piano and mixed ensemble by Hoh Chung Shih, which expresses the social conditions of separation and distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic. Then we have a taste of Emily Koh's kitchen’s most used spices through music in her smidgen(S) for cello and piano, and finally Elliot Teo's Petals in the Sun, a fast, high-octane showpiece for brass quintet inspired by a painting by Filipino artist Hernando Ocampo.

Come soak yourselves in brand new music at Dewan Filharmonik on 22 July 2022, 8.30pm



Adeline Wong - Jalinan (2021) for string quartet
Johan Othman - Ada Angin Bertiup (2021) for string quartet
Ainolnaim Azizol - Fragments I (2014) for 2 trumpets


Chung Seung Jae - 6 Moment Musicaux (2021) for woodwind quintet
Kyungmee Rhee - Echoes from An Old Tree, for flute and cello
Sunyeong Pak - Remnants (2017) for flute, violin, cello and piano


Hoh Chung Shih - Distancing Etude (2021) for piano and mixed ensemble
Emily Koh - smidgen(S) (2015) for cello and piano
Elliot Teo - Petals in the Sun (2021) for brass quintet

This project is a 3-way collaboration between MCC, ACL Korea and Composers Society of Singapore. This  aims to foster a healthy cultural exchange amongst composers and performers from the three countries and also aims to enhance friendship and understanding between Korean, Malaysian, and Singapore composers, performers and audience.

It marks yet another milestone in MCC's collaboration with MPO after last year's Malaysian Composers Series - Chamber Concert and Digital Audio Collection of orchestral works on MPOTV.

The 3-Nation Concert started in 2020 and was meant as an exchange between the three countries, each hosting a concert beginning with Korea. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic, the festival was affected and eventually, Korea held a joint concert with Malaysian composers in 2020 called Wave From Seoul.

Fortunately anticipating the reopening of the country this April, MCC is pleased to finally continue this project with a live performance of 3-Nation Concert at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. 

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