Call for scores: Piano works based on Suzlee Ibrahim's paintings

Aswara is calling for original piano works composed based on a series of paintings which the participant can select, to be published in a book of piano works. 

Says Jamie Tan of Aswara: "Music and painting are closely related. Both apply similar elements to create and express an art. Balance, rhythm, unity, intensity, structure, repetition are among the basic principles used to create an art.

"I found that abstract expressionist painting is extraordinary and focus on conveying the subjective emotions and expression rather than depicting the objective scene in it. 

"This book is to present how the music is composed based on the abstract expressionism painting. 

"The music is created based on the painting from an outstanding and creative artist — Mr Suzlee Ibrahim. I am fond of the way he brings out the contrast through colours, sensitivity of touch, and balance yet he is spontaneous in his art work. I believe music can be composed in the same manner through observation of his art creations. 

"There are 10 abstract expressionism paintings. Each painting to be accompanied by a music composition. The composition is created through observing the piece of art and the composer's view of perception and interpretation." 

The deadline for submission is 30 August, 2021.

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