Malaysia Remixed - 4 Composers Take On Nationhood

In collaboration with Malaysia's BFM Radio's new magazine app The B-Side exclusive for tablet and Ipad, four new generation artists-composers from diverse backgrounds have been commissioned to produce a piece of work each in their personal style, to explore the themes of nationhood and what independence means to the youth of today.

This project is a contemplation of the recent 55th Independence Day-Malaysia Day celebrations and was conceived by former Off The Edge editor Jason Tan as part of the launch of the new and very unique magazine in end October.

The four works can be heard as part of a feature article in the premiere issue of the magazine.

The four composers/artists:
Jessica Cho, composer and pianist, 3rd Prize winner at the Asian Composers League Festival and Conference 2011 in Taiwan, composed her piano solo work 'Peace' as a Webernesque meditation of three central notes and rich interplay of resonances. The work is profound in its illusory simplicity.

Dzamira Dzafri, indie singer-songwriter pens her gritty alt-rock anthem 'We Were Borne' sung to bass and drum, a kick-ass tribute to the people to reclaim the ground on which they were born. Outwardly optimistic and even innocent, the seemingly cheerful lyrics hide dark undercurrents that the songwriter says is up to the listener to uncover.
Goh Lee Kwang, internationally acclaimed and award-winning sound artist and electroacoustic composer, crafts his provocative soundscape that includes vocals by his new-born child. Father and son give this ode to a nation a bizarre twist and takes the listener to the limits of experience.

Azmyl Yunor, Malaysia's best loved indie folk singer with his homespun folk anthem 'Tanah Air Ku' (My Homeland) ends the journey with home made balm, like the coming of monsoon rain to ease the heat or the scent of fresh leaves after the smog has cleared. It is, after all, a gift to be simple.

Curated by: Jerome Kugan
With support from: Malaysian Composers Collective, BFM 89.9, The B-Side
Editor: Jason Tan
Performers: Azmyl Yunor, Dzamira Dzafri, Goh Lee Kwang, Jessica Cho

The B-Side is a monthly Malaysian magazine for the individual who reads for pleasure and appreciates that some things are best made bespoke. It writes on the arts, culture, lifestyle and politics; the stuff that animates contemporary business life.

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